You can only hold a real smile for so long.

After that it's just teeth.

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Actually, if you just comment and add me, there's a chance I won't add you. This is a result of completely losing what little ability I had to trust people.

If you decide that you want to be friends with me, it might take a while before I add you back. Before I add you back, I'll have to check out your journal first. If you don't write in your journal ever, chances are I think you'll be adding me just to pry into my life. So I probably won't add you. If I have any doubts at all that your journal might be fake I won't add you. Or I'll try and contact you by e-mail or aim to talk to you first. If you want to contact me, the information on how to do that is in my userinfo page. If you don't know what the userinfo page is, then I'm obviously not going to add you.

If I know you in real life, chances are I'm not going to add you. There are only a couple of people that I know in real life that have ever been able to read my friends only entries. If you're one of those people, feel very lucky that I trust you enough to let you read. If I DO add you and I know you in real life, and you ever, ever, ever repeat anything written in my journal to ANYONE, you will be removed from my friends list immediately and I will probably never be friends with you in real life again.

I will NEVER, EVER, EVER add anyone that I am related to. [So that means you, you lying sack of shit mother. That is, if you were ever smart enough to figure out how to create a journal and add me.] Don't even THINK about adding me if we share any blood whatsoever. It's really sad that I can't even trust my own FAMILY, but that's what it comes down to.

This journal is NOT just some internet fad that I'm testing out. This is one of many journals I have kept, as I have been a part of livejournal for YEARS now. A journal is something PRIVATE and I expect it to remain just that. I do not keep a written journal, so alas this is where I go to write what others put in written journals. That's why I've chosen to keep this journal, along with most of the other journals I've had friends only. You're probably wondering if it's so private, why do I let others read it? It's because most of the people I'm friends with on here, I've been friends with since I started writing in one of these. I TRUST the people who read my journal, and I appreciate others getting a glimpse into my life. It's relieving having a place where I can vent my private feelings to others and being able to get their comfort and advice. It's nice having people who listen and understand.

Please don't let this scare you away or something. What I write isn't amazing or anything, but it's PERSONAL. So PLEASE if we become friends, respect that. That's really all I ask. I love having my journal, but if another incident arises where my personal thoughts are no longer personal, I will no longer write in a livejournal ever again. I don't ever want it to have to come down to that. So please just let me have my privacy. Thank you.

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I want more kitty pictures!

I have more! I'll send them to you sometime!

hey I'm back on livejournal for good - plz add me back on your friends list <3.

thanks for the re-add love !

You're ever so welcome! <3

This is only a fucking test.


hey hun how are you i've never read ur live journal before anyways gots ta go ttyl love ya -erin-

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